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Chain Letters

chain letters judge juryA “Red State” Congressman is intent on supporting aggressive immigration policy.  As part of his effort to influence the decision-making process, he promotes a chain letter to be sent to other lawmakers

How do you think that tactic would be received by the press and by liberal commentators.

It is safe to say that there would not be much support for his efforts.  Indeed, if the recent past is any indication, he would probably be accused of insensitivity and racism for using a “chain” letter.

Now, let’s change the scenario.  What would happen if the Congressman had been a progressive from a “Blue State?”  What if that Congressman had chosen to use the chain letter technique to urge an acceptance of DACA?  What if his intent had been to influence President Trump and the Freedom Caucus?  (I know, good luck with that!)

Would the media and other progressives respond with equal outrage at the use of the “chain” letter?  Not likely.

All too often our judgement of controversial matters is clouded by our desire for a particular outcome and is not directed by objective consideration of the facts.  Worse, when faced with an opposing point of view, we shoot the messenger and revert to character assassination.  Not good.

Conservative or Progressive, we should all try to do better.  Not easy in today’s world.

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