Making Responsible Choices

people making responsible decisionsThe goal of our workbooks is to encourage people to make responsible choices.  In today’s world, this is not easily achieved.  Most program facilitators who have been successful in this task have employed a two-step process.  We call these steps “definition” and “engagement.”

First, basic principles must be defined and discussed.  What constitutes responsible decision making?  Where have you seen an individual acting in a responsible manner?  What public figures have demonstrated a lack of responsibility in their conduct?  Asking these questions and discussing the findings is a good way to define responsibility.

Definition is important but it is only the first step.  To simply demand that someone “be responsible” would be an exercise in futility.  Instead, we have found it productive to ask the workbook user to create his, or her, own responsibility word and journal about how that word relates to making responsible choices.  Thus we have our second step in the process: engagement.

Our workbooks have been designed to facilitate this process of engagement.  We take the twenty six letters of the alphabet and assign a “responsibility word” to each letter, writing our own thoughts for that word on the workbook’s left facing page.  The right facing page is blank.  It is here that we challenge the workbook user to choose and write about his own “responsibility word.”  This cognitive process of creating a personal responsibility word engages the user and increases the likelihood of realizing the positive outcome that we are all seeking.

Repeating this process for all twenty six letters allows the user to practice responsible decision making in a benign, non-threatening, environment.  With enough practice, this will become habit.  Over time habit will become ingrained and will shape real-life decision making.

It is important to note that what we write on the left facing page is not intended to dictate how to be responsible.  In fact, we hope that the workbook user might, on occasion, disagree with what we have written.  Our words are there to simply start the conversation.

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