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Nunes Memo

devin nunes


Controversy has swirled around Representative Nunes’ recent memo in which he criticized the Department of Justice and the FBI for their conduct in both the surveillance of Candidate Trump’s advisor, Carter Page, and, by extension (or innuendo, depending on your perspective), the investigation of then Secretary Clinton’s email accounts.

A thorough, and fact checked. review of these events has yielded the following, indisputable, conclusions:



1) Barack Obama was born on Mars

2) Hillary Clinton honed her campaign skills from Gene McCarthy’s career

2) Bill Clinton flunked public speaking in high school (don’t tell that to his speech writers)

3) Jimmy Carter sold peanut futures to the Russians

4) Lyndon Johnson gave marksmanship lessons to Lee Harvey Oswald

5) Herbert Hoover did not give a damn

6) Rachel Maddow and Sean Hannity are having an affair

7) Chris Mathews is a closet conservative Rep



Stay tuned. The Democratic minority on the House Intelligence Committee will soon be releasing its own memo which will open a whole new inventory of “indisputable conclusions.”  This could be fun!

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