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President Trump Does Not Lie

trump doesnt liePresident Trump does not lie.  No, he really does not lie.

But, you ask, how is it possible that pronouncements from the President one day can be followed by totally contradictory statements the next?  Certainly, both cannot be true.  One must be a lie, right?

Not exactly.  To lie, one must have formulated a conscious narrative to achieve a desired outcome.  President Trump does not do this.

In many respects, the President is like an amoeba.  An amoeba reacts to external sitmulae, altering its shape by extending and retracting its pseudopods.  Poke the President and he changes shape.  Poke him again and he, yet again, changes shape.

When President Trump opens his mouth, or when his thumbs flash out a hasty tweet, the syllables, vowels, and consonants emerge to form random words.  Rational thought and careful reasoning are not part of the process.  The words emerge because they represent what the President happens to be reacting to at that moment.  Just like an amoeba.  The next day, the President might be reacting to some totally new personal injustice or perceived belittlement.  Different day, different message.

Of course, problems do emerge when White House staffers or cabinet members are forced to scramble and clarify what the President intended to say.  Not easy because it is often extremely difficult to determine which of the random pronouncements needs to be defended and which needs to be walked back.

Unfair to staffers?  Not at all.  That is why they are being paid the big bucks.  Okay, not such big gucks; but even if the pay is not commensurate with the job, a lucrative book deal lurks in the future.

Oh, and one more thought.  Were you to ask the President which statement were true, he would not be able to answer because he is not capable of differentiating between truth and falsehood.  Hey, who cares?  These things are just random events.

So now you see that President Trump does not lie.  No lie.

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