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State of The Union

dems and gopLet’s run a Cost Benefit Analysis of the recent State of The Union address.  Start by calculating the total cost of the event.

How much staff time was spent by the White House preparing President Trump’s remarks?  Research, writing and reviewing various drafts, coaching and rehearsal for the President……all had considerable cost.

And the rebuttal?  What was the cost to craft and deliver Representative Kennedy’s remarks?  Again, not cheap.

Add to those costs, the expense of assembling all who attended…….members of Congress, staff, supporting actors.  What about security for the event?  We are talking serious dollars.

Did the press coverage of the event cost anything?  Of course it did.

At the end of the day, what was achieved?  There can be no denying that Democrats and Republicans were energized.  Much huffing and puffing.  The press, both supporters and detractors, had a field day.

Now calculate the benefit.  Yes, there was “theater.”  But what was achieved?  Anything of substance?

If this event had been the product of a privately held company, would the CEO of that company be satisfied that the undertaking had achieved a decent ROI (return on investment)?  Or would he fire those responsible?

Now there is an idea.  Too bad we can’t do that.

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